Honest Abe Production Group, llc


About Us

Honest Abe Production Group, LLC began as a small group of filmmakers. 

After just a few short meetings our door was pounded on by filmmakers, talent and crew wanting to join us!  

We were faced with the challenge of wanting to encourage all film professionals

to continue in their craft, and thus the Short Film Showcase and Networking Events were formed. 

These showcase and networking events have reached a nationwide audience and continue to grow on a daily basis!

We are thrilled for the filmmakers and talent that cross our paths.

We have grown into a nationwide community of filmmakers, film professionals and talented artists.

Honest Abe Production Group is currently in production of "The Distant Thunder: Impending Turmoil" 

A trilogy of full-feature films of historical content.

Casting Now:  Please email [email protected] with your headshot and resume'.

For showcase film submissions, partner information, or any other questions: please email [email protected]

Board of Directors:  Sharon Maggelet, George Reel, William Frost, Lexy Russo